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Chinese Food Facts

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Chinese food.  Perhaps those types of people do exist.  But, perhaps because they don’t love Chinese food, I don’t know them.  Just a thought.  According to statistics, Chinese food is the most loved cuisine in the whole world.  That fact alone increases the odds of me making lots of new friends.  There are more Chinese restaurants and take-out Chinese restaurants all over the world than any other cuisine.  More good news.  I will never go hungry!

If you’re like Mee, you enjoy Chinese food, and you will love to read the facts below.

Interesting Facts About Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food factsThe Chinese cuisine varies from one region to the other. Rice and noodles form an integral part of Chinese cuisine. Noodles are a  staple of diet in the north, while rice is a staple in the south.  Though both are found and offered in all parts of China.

In earlier times, it was considered inappropriate to use forks and knives for eating as these instruments were used as weapons. Therefore, most of the Chinese food was prepared in bite sized pieces, so that they could be picked and eaten easilywith chopsticks.

The Chinese follow the principle of waste not want not.  Therefore you’ll find the use of nearly every part of plants and animals in cooking.

The traditional Chinese breakfast consists of rice, rice noodle rolls, rice porridge, bread, fried pancakes, etc., which is followed by Chinese tea or soy milk.

Much of Chinese food has medicinal properties. For example, the traditional Chinese tea is believed to have anti-allergic properties and helps in prevention of allergies.

One of the most amazing facts about Chinese food that it is one of the healthiest foods in the world.  Authentic Chinese food is prepared using fresh vegetables and fresh meats, which even when teamed with noodles or rice, is very low in calories. Therefore, you can still be healthy while enjoying your favorite Chinese rice with stir fry vegetables or shrimp!

Fact or Fiction?  Chinese restaurants serve dog meat!  Seems pretty smelly (was going to say “fishy”, but dogs aren’t found in water 😉 )  Here’s a tip though.  Don’t order “fragrant meat” off the menu.  When talking about authentic Chinese food, the Chinese say ‘fragrant meat’, they always refer to dog meat! The term is commonly used in all parts of China.  Just be aware if you hear it or see it on the menu in your local Chinese restaurant.  I, for one, don’t ever recall seeing that on the menu.  But, you can be sure that I will be keenly aware of it going forward!

Chop suey was first invented in America.   However, it was invented by Chinese immigrants in America. Therefore, the dish is definitely Chinese, but, Americanized!

As in other parts of the world, the Chinese also place high importance on table manners. For example, when at a table, one is supposed to take food only from the platter or dish that is at their immediate side. It is considered extremely rude to eat from a plate that is placed in front of the other person.  Brothers!  Read that!  Keep your hands off my food!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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