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Chinese Food Quiz

Don’t Forget the Answers an Hour Later!

This Chinese Food Quiz is designed to test your knowledge on the various mouth watering delicacies of Chinese cuisine.


Please post your results in the comments section and share with your friends!


  1. I got 27% score. is it good or not? I am totally new to Chinese food by the way;). if this is worst please pardon me.

  2. How low can you go? Someone just posted a score of just ONE right out of 11 questions. That's 9% 🙁 No wonton soup for you!!

  3. Mee very impressed!! Give that man a Dumpling!! 🙂

  4. Just scored 100% for the quiz! Years of study – I mean dining!

  5. It took 26 tries, but finally someone answered all 11 questions correctly! We don't know the identity of the person who achieved perfection, but we do know that they came from China! So, they should have gotten them all right!

  6. 21 up… and 21 down. A perfect game. A no hitter!

    Aren't there any Chinese food aficionados out there??

  7. Still no one has gotten all the questions correct. And there's only 11 of them!

  8. A new record was just posted! A new LOW score. Someone just got only 27% right! We need this person to please identify themselves. Mee's need to take THEM on our next Chinese Quest!

  9. Many have attempted. None have conquered. Still no one has gotten every question right. Do you have what it takes??

  10. I got 91% right on the Quiz. Tough questions!!

    How many questions can you get right about Chinese dishes?

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