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I Like Cho-Sen Island a Latkes!

Our latest quest took the Mees to Cho-Sen Island in Lawrence, LI. Cho-Sen Island is a kosher Chinese restaurant located at 367 Central Ave. Although it was not the “perfect” Chinese meal, this place actually was not that bad.

The meal starts with the traditional fried noodles on the table, which were quite authentic to your typical Chinese fare. Starters included Veal Spare Ribs and Won Ton Soup. I was not a big fan of either dish. The ribs tasted like big pieces of flanken marinated in a sweet sauce. This must be a tough dish to replicate when pork is completely verboten.  The Won Ton soup tasted more Matzoh Ball-ish than Won Ton-ish.

Entrees included Dragon and Phoenix, Double Delight, Shredded Crispy Spicy Beef, Chicken Chow Mein, and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Dragon and Phoenix- prime rib steak and chicken over vegetables. I enjoyed the prime rib and chicken in this dish. The sauce was good, but very heavy and way overbearing! Unfortunately, this sauce will come back a few times throughout the meal.

Double Delight- consists of sautéed veal and chicken. It tasted suspiciously like the aforementioned dish.

Shredded Crispy Spicy Beef- tasty, not very spicy, but once again the sauce was too much.

Chicken Chow Mein- the sauce was more subtle. Prepared with ginger and onions, this was a nice twist on a Chinese (American) staple.

Vegetable Fried Rice- tasted authentic and was quite good.

The meal finished up with fortune cookies, and fresh fruit.

Cho-Sen was pretty good, especially considering the limitations to cooking kosher. It definitely had some Chinese authenticity to it, but the sauces often times lacked creativity. In my mind, Cho-Sen Island was better than atleast  3 or 4 restaurants that we reviewed on this quest!

Until the next time,

Mee Tsu Yan




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  1. Brother,

    Only your good looks exceed your wit and wisdom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    You put a smile on my face, and some hunger in my tummy.

    Mee can’t wait to Quest again!

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