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Sour Grapes

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Had a Bad Day?

sour-pussSour grapes

Sour puss

Go Sour

Hot and Sour

Strike a Sour note

Sweet and Sour

Sour apples

Sour expression

Sour as vinegar


But nothing left as sour a taste in my mouth as our last Quest.  It just deadened my taste buds and my creativity.  I haven’t been able to blog since.  I haven’t even looked at Chinese food.

Perhaps that’s what I need to do!  I need to order some take-out Chinese food tonight to get that sour taste out of my mouth.  Perhaps I need to order the sweetest dishes I can find.  Hmm… no.  Too sweet can start to taste sour after a while.  Too sweet can taste putrid.

What I need is something down the middle of the road.  Bland.  Ugh!  No.  Never mind.  Keep thinking… Think outside the box.

Go opposite.  Spicy!  That will singe my taste buds, thus eliminating the sour taste in my mouth.  But… it would deaden my taste buds completely.  That won’t suffice either.

What’s a Mee to do?

The good news is that I’m blogging again.  Perhaps the sourness just wore off?  Perhaps I just these words had to escape my mind, and on to this virtual paper.  There’s hope.  The memories of the last experience are fading.  I sure hope that we don’t have another fasting holiday coming up soon.

I need to eat.  And I need to eat some good Chinese food.  Nay.  I need to eat the BEST Chinese food.

C’mon Brothers, let’s band together again and hit the road, on our quest to truly find THE best Chinese Restaurant and Chinese food on all of Long Island.


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  1. How could I forget:

      Sour pickles
      Half Sour pickles
      A Sour note
      A Sour temper
      Sour tarts
      Sour cream
      Sour milk
      Turn Sour

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