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HistorMee: The History of the Mee Family

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We Are Family!  Nothing But My Brothers and Mee

The distinguished surname Mee emerged from the remote northern part of China, habitated by a very lost tribe of Israel,  along the Great Wall of China known as the Wailing Wall of China.

The area is so remote, some argued, that the Jews in this nether region wailed because there wasn’t a Chinese restaurant within 1000 miles.  And none that would deliver.  It should also be noted, that there were no good bagels to be found there either.

History tells us that the Mee’s are known for being industrious and adventurous.  They can be characterized by their sharp wit, good taste, good looks, intelligence, and of course, modesty.

Aware of their family history, and their ancestors lack of Chinese food, or Chinese Restaurants, the Mee’s that settled on Long Island banded together, as only brothers can, to form a Quest.  The Quest, and crusade, to find the best Chinese restaurant on all of Long Island.  For they honor their families history, travails, traditions, and tribulations who had to do without Chinese food for millenniums.  For they felt that while Long Island is filled with Chinese restaurants, one shouldn’t settle.  It isn’t the Mee way.

More isn’t always better.  It’s the best that matters.  From our family to yours, we are honored to review Chinese restaurants for you.  We are humbled that you take the time to consider our reviews, and read out blog.

We suffer (So Jewish!), so you shouldn’t (THAT is the Mee way!)

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

–Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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