Lost in Translation

My cousin (Soo Zee), recently came back from a trip to China. Her trip was rather enjoyable, and she saw many beautiful sites. In her travels, she also came upon some very funny signs that were translated from Chinese into English. She was nice enough to share some photos with us.

New Image#2  I actually like the word scribbling better than graffiti. A person who writes on a wall, would therefore be called a “scribbling artist”. LIKE THAT.

New Image#8


New Image#7

I wish I could find out where to buy cheap sellings on Long Island, BTW what is a selling?

Chinese Sign #9

By the time you figure out what this sign means, it is probably too late!!

Sign #5

Well, that makes two of us, because I can’t stand the sight of mattress fragrant grass either!!


Sign #3



Sign #6

The sign reads “The environment have been destroyed by human active. In order to protect our earth, please put the towel into the towel basket if you want to change it, those are placed other position we will consider you will re-use it.

The bathroom articles (comb, toothbrush, shaver, etc) will not be supplied or changed if you don’t drop it.

Thank you for the cooperation and support”

Very funny!  I know that English and Chinese are very different languages, but I am amazed at the crazy translations.

Thank you Cousin Soo Zee.

Mee Tsu Yan

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  1. Thank you Cousin Soo Zee and Tsu Yan for sharing our Cousins pictures. As we are learning on our Quest, we are coming to appreciate the difference in cultures. And gaining a new found respect. Except for perhaps that sign about the toilet. I would still be standing there doing who knows what and going, ummm never mind. 🙂

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