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Three Things That Don’t Go Together; But do. Perfectly!

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If you do a Google search combining the following search terms:

  1. Chinese Food
  2. Jewish
  3. Carvel Ice Cream

Do you know what you find?

You’ll find that there’s not a single match on Google that’s pertinent to all three search terms!  I’m assuming you can try it in other search engines as well, but I feel that you’ll find exactly the same result.  Or lack thereof!

Now, how can that be??

We’ve already ascertained that Jews and Chinese food go together like it’s a divine combination.  And what we’ve come to conclude, almost to the point of it becoming ritualistic, is that we have been going straight to the nearest Carvel right after eating and enjoying the perfect ending to the “perfect” meal.  Of course, not every meal has been perfect (check our reviews), but to a Jew, the perfect meal is Chinese food.

I bet soon though, that if you type in those three search items together in one query, it won’t be long before you find a perfect match… a result that pertains to all three terms.  And you can expect to see The Chinese Quest at the top of the search results.

See you at the top!

And, we’ll see you soon at a Chinese restaurant near you!  A brand new review is coming this week!  Stay tuned!

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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