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The Silent Mee Speaks


But, I can’t tell you what he said.

But, I can tell you it could be something very exciting indeed.


From readerrant.capitolhillblue.com

The other Mee has been so quiet lately that I was going to nickname him Mee Harpo.  And, actually there is a bit of resemblance, don’t you think?  Perhaps not.  But, they are both Jewish.  And at least one of them LOVES Chinese food.  Probably both of them.  They are Jewish after all!

Even though you didn’t hear this from Mee Harpo – but then again, what have you heard from him? – the talk of the town is that the Mee’s will be dining out some time this week.

And we all know what that means!  You betcha, a brand, spanking new review!

I feel like I’ve been going through withdrawal going all this time without Chinese food.  I did take out once, and thought that would tame the tiger.  But alas, no.  I was not only hungry again an hour later, but it didn’t fill my need for good, authentic, Chinese food.

So raise your chop sticks in the air tonight, the Mee’s are back in town and we’re hungering for some chow.

Stay tuned!

— Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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