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“Yozi”, #20 in the New World Mall Food Court, Flushing, NY

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What’s a Mee to do when one is in Flushing, and finds themself hungry, but unsure what they really want to eat?  They go to the Food Court in the basement of the New World Mall (at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street).  Spin the proverbial roulette wheel, and let fate decide your destiny!

Black.  20.  Searching.  Locating.  Putting my cold hard cash down at Stall #20 in the food court in the basement of New World Mall in Flushing, NY.  “Yozi”, Stall #20.  Chinese food.  YOZI!  BINGO?  What does one shout when their number comes up on the roulette wheel?


Before the great reveal of what I ate, I must make an editorial comment.  It appears that prices have gone up about 50% across the board in all of the stalls down there.  However, I found a few dishes, oddly enough, Stall #20, Yozi. 


Still celebrating Chinese New Year in the New World Mall

Surely that had nothing to do with blind luck when the spinning wheel spun.  Did it?  I’m not saying.

The choice for me came down to two items.  Soup dumplings (six for $6.50), or Potstickers (10 for $6.50).  No inflationary prices on these two.  It wasn’t so much that 10 is greater than six, but rather I felt that the potstickers would fill me up more.  And it wasn’t that cold outside that I felt the need for hot soup.  However, I was thirsty, so I ordered a Coke with my ‘stickers.  Does anything really go better with Chinese food than a Coke?  You got me.  A Mai Tai.  However, I wasn’t going to get one of those down here.  Carvel Ice Cream?  Yes.  But, that’s an after-dinner aperitif.  I didn’t pursue it.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

After waiting for what was definitely more than 10 minutes (isn’t it interesting that when you order take out, your order is always ready before you get there, no matter the distance you have to travel?).  Numbers were being called out in Chinese.  I thought I was in a bingo hall.  Every number but mine.  Eventually, my number was called.  How did I know, since it was in Chinese?  I saw the potstickers on the counter and boldly approached with my receipt in hand, and staked my claim to them.  Order confirmed, I brought it back to the table I staked out in the vast hall.


Don’t those potstickers look awesome?  Mmmmmm I can still smell the aroma and the taste on my palate.  They were!  

When in Flushing…

The next time you’re hungry, and you’re in downtown Flushing, stop by the New World Mall, and head down to the Food Court in the basement.  Choose from over 40 different food stalls, or check out some of the finer Chinese restaurants on the second and third floors, such as Daxi Sichuan!

What’s your go-to restaurant or stall in the New World Mall?

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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