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“Dumpling Galaxy” Flushing, NY

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Believe it or not, there is a Galaxy not all that far away… It is a magical Chinese restaurant that serves over 120 different types of Dumplings.  That Chinese restaurant is aptly named “Dumpling Galaxy”.  The Galaxy is in that exotic part of the Universe known as Flushing, New York.  The restaurant is not that easy to find if you’re driving down the street, or walking along looking for it, for it is located inside the Arcadia Mall at 4235 Main Street.  There’s a teeny weeny sign at the main entrance (which is aptly on Main Street).  Good luck finding a sign that says “Arcadia Mall” too!

But, it’s worth the trip.  Google map the address.  Or, if you’re fluent in Chinese, use this map for reference:


Once you enter the mall, you meander through the main entrance and wend your way to the left, and in the back, beyond the stairs leading down (where you’ll find the bathrooms on the lower level), you’ll enter the Dumpling Galaxy!


Dumplings.  Dumplings.  And, MORE Dumplings!

dumpling-galaxy-menuYou’ll find a menu that lists over 120 different types of Dumplings.  More than you could imagine.  Who knew?  Now YOU know too!  You’ll find a page of their “Signature Dumplings”.  TWO pages of “Pork Dumplings”.  A page of “Vegetable Dumplings”.  A page of “Seafood Dumplings”.  A page of “Beef Dumplings”.  A page of “Lamb Dumplings”, and if you can find room for it, a page of “Dessert Dumplings”.  On each page there are 10 to 20 different dumplings under each listing!  Every imaginable ingredient.  Even combinations you couldn’t possibly contemplate!  Steamed. Pan fried.  With soup.


dumpling-galaxy-menu-tvAnd if the pictures of the Dumplings on the menu didn’t tickle your palate, they also have TV’s mounted on the wall by each table, showing you the different dumplings in their amazing glory.

This being a non-Quest review, more like a preview, of Dumpling Galaxy, we had our two resident Dumpling experts, The Dumpling King, and The Dumpling Prince, along with Mee Wen Dee.  If the Dumpling Royalty approved of these Dumplings, then you’ve got to figure that The Chinese Quest would have to officially check it out.

We asked for a nice sampling of the Dumpling dishes and this is what they suggested:

Pork Soup Dumplings:  These were a HUGE hit with the Dumpling King and Prince.  So huge that we eventually had to place a second order to fill their want.  On the plus side, along with being quite tasty, the soup filling wasn’t mouth searing hot.  Good to know if you have children. For, you know, no matter how much you warn them about the contents being hot, they’re still going to dig right in to them.

Pork with Chive Dumplings:  As close as we could come to the “regular” Steamed Pork Dumpling that their Royal Highnesses usually go for.  These too were quite tasty.  The chives added a nice flavor to the minced pork.


Shrimp, Scallop, and Crab Dumplings:  Mee and Wen Dee were very eager to try these.  They sounded like the would be out of this galaxy (which is better than being “out of this world”).  And they were!

Pan Fried Lamb with Cilantro Dumplings:  Serving these up fried didn’t dry them out in the least bit, and by frying them it added a nice little bit of crispness to the Dumplings.  Well done!


Believe it or not, they even have pages and pages of non-dumplings on their menu of traditional Chinese food.  This is the third time that I have eaten at Dumpling Galaxy.  Never have I tried any of those dishes.  Perhaps when the Quest comes a knocking on their door?  Stay tuned!

If you like Dumplings like I like Dumplings, then you have to give Dumpling Galaxy a try.  They ARE out of this world!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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