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When is a “Review” NOT an Endorsement?

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ground-rulesA review published on the Chinese Quest is not an “officially sanctioned” Chinese restaurant review unless the title is preceded by ‘[REVIEW]’.  And a review cannot be deemed accepted unless a quorum of Mee’s are in attendance.  A minion (The Chinese Quest’s version of a minyan) of Mee’s is considered FOUR.  So, unless both of those conditions are met, then one should read the review as more an Op-Ed piece than a review and should be taken with a grain of salt and some roast pork fried rice. 

For example, recently Mee V. Stoogas and I met for lunch at Golden Cove Chinese restaurant in Greenvale.  I found the food interesting enough to post about it for those interested in perhaps taking out, or if one happened to live in the area, so I wrote an article about it.  I concluded the article by writing:

Would I recommend taking out, or dining in, at Golden Cove again?  If I was in the neighborhood, I would.  Have you?

We apologize to Norman, and to our readers if you took this to mean that you should make it a “date night” with your significant other and travel half an hour to dine there.  They did, and here are their thoughts:

Review of Golden Cove, 5 Glen Cove Road, Greenvale, 11548

It is far from suburban Flushing so I should have been suspicious. It is close to a good upscale Chinese restaurant. It was an outing day for us. Two museums and dinner out on the cheap.

First course Hot and Sour Soup. It was thermally hot but almost tasteless. The restaurant is set up mainly for takeout but has loads of tables. It operates like a MacDonald’s. Order at the counter.  But, they bring the food to the table.

Next was Sweet and Pungent Pork with Brown Rice.  Lots of rice and a reasonable portion of acceptable pork. 

Next was Pepper Steak. Their recipe book and mine differ markedly. No vegetables, No sauce. Just heavily wrapped small pieces of meat in a thick batter and fried. Not exactly what we ordered and expected to get.

It is popular with the locals. At least 2 dozen people came in to pick up their takeout. It must be their prices as it could not be for the food.

It is an ‘A_Z’ place, we’re through!

Mee Stu Pd

Consider yourself now “Warned”.  In more ways than one.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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