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Norman ConQuest: “Hunan Taste”, Greenvale, NY

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Our dear friend Norman and his wife love to follow our recommendations and try the Chinese restaurants we have reviewed.  He is also certainly not shy about going out on his own and letting us know of some Chinese restaurants that we must try!  (and some that we must avoid!!).  We reviewed “Hunan Taste” in Greenvale, NY a few months ago.  And Norman and his wife recently went there as well.  

Here is their take:

“Hunan Taste”, 3 Northern Blvd, Greenvale NY 11548

Hunan Taste Greenvale, NYWe live in Great Neck and decided to travel away from the epicenter of Chinese Cuisine (we went east). Our destination was Hunan Taste, a restaurant I used to see almost daily as I traveled to Huntington. It is one of the few Chinese restaurants beyond our town. It is far from the epicenter of Chinese cuisine (Flushing).

We opted for a late lunch. The place was full of Occidental people but very popular. We were seated immediately and we ordered our favorite Hot and Sour soup. It was very good. Then we ordered two additional dishes, one at a time, and were very happy with our choices. There was one Chinese lady with an occidental friend. Most of the patrons seemed to be regulars.

The food was good, the service very acceptable and the decor much better than the Little Neck Chinese restaurants we usually patronize.  Prices were not that different.

Will we go back? My wife is mobility impaired and they have about four steps and no ramp to the front door. It makes it difficult for her so we may not be able to return despite our desire to do so.


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