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What is Your Chinese Food IQ?

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We all love ourselves a little Chinese food takeout.  Especially the kind that comes in those cute little white containers emblazoned with red writing.

But how much history do you really have with Chinese cuisine?  Before you crack open your next fortune cookie, take a crack at our Chinese food quiz.

This is a relatively easy quiz.  If you don’t get 100% we will be very disappointed in you.

If you get more than one question wrong… NO CHINESE FOOD FOR YOU!!  So, the pressure is on.  Are you up to our challenge?  Do you have what it takes?  And it takes more than two chopsticks to have dinner with us.  You better have your Chinese food sense… and a good sense of humor!  Though a sense of humor is not required to answer these questions.  But if ever you want to enter a contest where the prize is dinner with The Chinese Quest, then yes, then you do need a good sense of humor.

No more dillying.  No more dallying.  Let’s test your Chinese food IQ now!

Post your score in the comments!

Challenge your friends!!

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  1. No surprise! I got 100% I’m a Chow Mein Maven!

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