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The “A to Z Blogging Challenge”

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The Chinese Quest is participating in the “A to Z Blogging Challenge”! #AtoZChallenge – A fellow blogger, Shantala, who writes the book review blog “Shanaya Tales”, mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and I thought to myself, why not?

What is it all about? Here is the information:

The brainchild of Arlee Bird, at Tossing it Out, the A to Z Challenge is posting every day in April except Sundays (we get those days off for good behavior.) And since there are 26 days, that matches the 26 letters of the alphabet. On April 1, blog about something that begins with the letter “A.” April 2 is “B,” April 3 is “C,” and so on. You can use a theme for the month or go random – just as long as it matches the letter of the alphabet for the day.

The A to Z Challenge is a great way to get into the blogging habit and make new friends. For more details and its history, go HERE.

We recommend short posts, turn off Word Verification, and visit five blogs (or more) a day beginning with the one after yours on the list.

Blogs must be on an open platform – no Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. – and comments enabled.

To streamline legitimate blogs from advertisement blogs, the Co-Hosts will be visiting each blog on this list throughout the Challenge.  Blogs on the list showing no activity once the Challenge starts or miss five days in a row will be removed.

Currently, there are over 1,100 bloggers signed up. Wow! I can’t wait!

You can choose a theme (or go random) and I will be posting my theme in a few days.  So, stay tuned!  Here is the schedule:

A to Z Challenge [Letter Schedule] [2015]

I’m revealing my theme, as if you couldn’t guess it, on March 23, 2015.   Stay tuned!!

I encourage all my fellow authors, writers, and bloggers to sign up! It’s a great way to gain new followers and expand your blogging and writing skills!!!

Sign up here: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-to-z-challenge-sign-uplist-2015.html

Have you already signed up?  What’s your theme?  Share in the comments below!  Be sure to put a link to your blog so I can check out your blog during the month of April.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Good to have you guys join in. Will be visiting daily in April. 🙂

  2. is very excited to be participating in this years #AtoZChallenge! Please check out our blog at http://t.co/E19gSwpbI6!

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