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Wontons or Kreplach?

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A Dumpling by Any Other Name

It’s still a dumpling.  Wontons.  Kreplach.

Chinese-DumplingskreplachCan you identify which dumplings are which (wontons or kreplach)?

Where do the similarities begin?  How did they begin?  Why are they similar?  What’s the attraction?  So many questions.  Are there answers?

Wontons or Kreplach?

Fortune Cookies or Flanken?  (though I’ve never found any paper inside a flanken… but I have heard it’s high in fiber.  Though I don’t have proof to back that up).

Riddle me this:  Which culture values family, education, productivity, achievement, and devotion to the group?

Answer:  Chinese and Jews

Which cultures both follow the lunar calendar?

Answer:  Chinese and Jews

Why do most languages read from left to right?  Yet, Chinese goes from top to bottom, and Jews from right to left?  I have enough trouble with English.  No wonder my Haftorah had to be transliterated in to Engrish so that I could get through my Bar Mitzvah.  And why too, I leave all the ordering in a Chinese restaurant to the waiters.

Chinese food doesn’t combine milk and meat.  Kosher food doesn’t combine dairy and meat.

Here’s my conclusion.  While it’s true as I wrote that Chinese and Jews are so similar and share a lot of similarities, but I believe it goes beyond that.  The real reason that Jews like Chinese food because it’s available, good tasting, and pretty inexpensive.  Jews love good bargains and getting a good value.

But picture this if you can.  A Jew walks in to a Chinese restaurant.  Orders.  Then finagles with the waiter over the price.  It’s never happened before.  But it would be pretty funny.  Next time you go in to a  Chinese restaurant try it.  And let us know the reactions that you get.

Or, order from this menu:


In the mean time…


Humbly submitted for your consumption,

–Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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