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2014 Wish Bucket List

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New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some of the things (resolutions?) I’d like to see occur in 2014:


10)  Find three new Chinese restaurants that are better than our current top three.

9)  Expand our reach to over 10,000 subscribers to our blog.

8)  Have at least one Chinese restaurant reach out to us asking for us to review their food.

7)  One of our posts gets quoted in either another website, blog, or article.

6)  We receive at least 12 unsolicited e-mails thanking us for their discovering a new Chinese restaurant based upon one of our reviews.

5)  We expand our Quest to Chinatown (targeted for February 2014).

4)  I try four new dishes that I have never tasted before.

3)  Our reviews are published in a Newspaper on Long Island and/or New York City.

2)  We are offered our own TV show.

1)  I wish everyone a year filled with not only great Chinese food, but also good health, happiness, and prosperity.

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One comment

  1. My bucket list
    1. More reviews of SUFFOLK County, LI Chinese Restaurants (Pennisula in Bay Shore, Eastern Pavillion in Stony Brook)
    2. A few restaurants that serve ACTUAL Chinese food… like LanZhou Noodles, Hot Pot, Street Food… food in China is not like the food here..

    Anyway – love your reviews and agree with your assessment of last year’s restaurants… Missy Kenny-Corron Mom to Three from Zhong Guo!

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