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To Quest or Not to Quest? That IS the Question!

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The Quest

I just noticed that Quest is the first five letters of Question.  Is a Quest then a question?  Or is it more than that?

From dictionary.com a quest is:

  1. a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something
  2. Medieval Romance. an adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something (All of our Quests have occurred at night, does that make us Medieval?  Romantic?  Helpless?  Hopeless?)
  3. those engaged in such an expedition.
  4. and a few other definitions that we could care less about…

Quest Diagnostic is a testing lab on Long Island (perhaps it’s nationwide?  I don’t know.  That’s a question that I don’t really care what the answer is.).  But they’re not so much really on a quest for find a cure.  But, a diagnosis tool used by doctors to determine the root cause, or relative health of the patient.  (BTW, my Grandmother thought I would make a great doctor.  She said I had a lot of patience (Rim Shot!  Better yet, put some salt around the rim, and pour me a margarita).  Now that’s the not the kind of quest we’re on.  We don’t care what’s in the dishes were served (or more technically we could care less about the dishes… just that they’re clean… but, we’re more interested in the food that’s on the dishes (which reminds me of the conundrum, “Why do they call it Parkway when we drive on it?  And, why do the call it a driveway, when we park on it?  For those that need me to explain, why do they call what we’re served dishes? If it’s just a dish, what’s to eat?  Where’s the beef?!).  And their quest is to answer the Doctors question, “What’s wrong with my patient?”  So their quest is a question.  And their job is to provide an answer.  Something that I just don’t have right now.  So, let me keep questing for the answer.

I think I’ve digressed far too far from the subject of this post.  I goofed.  I double booked some of us.  We planned to Quest on the same day that we planned to have a meeting.  Of course, we had to meet to have a Quest, but it’s the meet in meeting that’s caused us to face this question.  To Quest or not to Quest?  I ask.  I still don’t know the answer.  I know where we are going.  I just don’t know where we are meeting.

Hopefully I’ve confused you as much as I have myself.  Where’s Confused-cious when you need him?

Humbly submitted for your consumption AND your divine guidance,

–Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. I think i lost you somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd para. LOL

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