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[POLL] Where does Long Island Begin and End?

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The New Geography?

Some people consider Long Island strictly as Nassau and Suffolk County.

Others think that Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island (they are connected).  And when people who live in Brooklyn or Queens say that they’re going in to the “City”, they’re referring to going in to Manhattan.

The reason I pose this question is that our mission is to find the BEST Chinese restaurant on ALL of Long Island.  So, we have resolve this question before we know whether to include Brooklyn and Queens in our Quest.  And, we know there are lots of great restaurants in those to boroughs.

So, we ask you Dear readers and followers to cast your vote in our very short poll.  Your answers will help us determine future Chinese restaurants to review.


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And, please don’t forget you can always suggest Chinese restaurants for us to visit by either posting a comment to this thread, or using the “Contact Us” link on the menu bar.

Thank you in advance.


Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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One comment

  1. Shhhh!!! Please don’t tell a soul, but the results of the poll won’t deter us from our now determined next Chinese restaurant to review.

    The results of the poll, however, will dictate whether we include our ratings in the overall rankings that we publish and maintain.

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