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A Stranger in a Strange Land

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Here I am up in Hartford, CT. Spending the first of two nights up here.  I picked my son, Mini Mee, up this afternoon from Camp.  It was his first experience at sleep away camp, and he had a great time.  So I thought what better way to spend a little father and son reunion time than extending the trip by two days.

But therein lies the conundrum.  I know where to find all the cool local attractions I know that he’d like (The Trolley Museum – highly recommended, we did that today.  The Connecticut Science Center – on tap for tomorrow.  Minor League baseball games – we opted to skip that tonight).  But, where’s a good Jew to go eat???

There’s no guide here like there is on Long Island (D’oh!) on where to find the best Chinese restaurants.  I’m not going to walk in to some strange Chinese restaurant and pray that the food is good.  I’m not that crazy (STOP it!  You know who you are!  Cut those snide remarks out now.  Yes, I know I resemble them… But, c’mon.  I’m trying to write a poignant and witty, and dare I mention, sarcastic, blog post this evening and you have to go and call me crazy.  Who’s crazy now?).

Now we did see quite a few Chinese restaurants.  Mostly take out places.  That was definitely off the table (no pun intended!).  There’s a Chinese/Japanese restaurant just a short stroll away from the hotel we’re staying at.  Looks like they had a nice crowd, judging by all the cars in the parking lot.  But, it might have just been all the flight attendants and pilots tying one on before having to board their planes again.  I’m staying right by Bradley International Airport (though I can’t imagine that there are any international flights leaving out of this airport), as the words “Lounge” were even bigger than the name of the restaurant.  So, that wasn’t a viable option either.

So, we stayed on the straight and narrow, and went to good old reliable Cracker Barrel.  BTW, if you’ve never been to a Cracker Barrel, I highly DO recommend it.  Not only do you get an incredible meal at an incredible price (for example, I had the Lemon Pepper Trout… two huge sized fillets, and THREE side dishes… $9.99!), but the also have a General Store.  Always fun to browse around in.  You never know what surprises you’ll find there.


Perhaps we should start a blog on other cuisines.  What do you think?  (Stop calling me crazy!)

One more night to go here before we return to the Promised Land, Long Island!  Ahhh, Chinese food as we know it.  And we know it!

Stay hungry my friends.  And stay the course.  And please wish me a safe return back to the Island.  Dangerous things can happen to strangers.  Especially strangers in a strange land!

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. I’ll second that suggestion to do a quest on other cuisines.. How about Japanese; Greek; Mediterranean; seafood; steak houses; Mexican; if you do Italian beware there is one on every block If you start an Italian quest you may never finish

  2. It’s good to be back on the Isle of Plenty (aka Long Island). Just a week and a day until our next Quest!

    (Edited post to include Cracker Barrel sign)

  3. BTW, I wrote this post using my “old” BlackBerry PlayBook (truly an incredible tablet that no one even considered. It blows away the iPad), so I apologize upfront for any typo’s as well as my inability to post a picture of the Cracker Barrel sign. Both will be remedied when I get home on Monday.

    And, so long as I mentioned BlackBerry already in this comment, if you’ve never seen, or tried, the Z10, I guaranteed to satisfy. Best cell phone out there by far!

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