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Mayday! Mayday! I’ve Lost My Way!!

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April came and April went,

I really didn’t give up Chinese food for Lent.


Though it may seem that way to some,

I’m often asked how come?


How come they were no Chinese restaurant reviews?

Let me let you in on this little bit of news.


In telling you now,

so you will know how.


My left wing,

has been in a sling.


I broke my arm in a fall,

it’s the only downside to being tall.


When one slips,

there are extra flips.


Please pardon the pun,

it really is no fun.


To break one’s humerus,

Really isn’t all that humorous.


Someone please come shut my trap,

I really don’t know how to rap.


But what I really do know, is how to shut my trap by filling it with Chinese food.  And oh my gosh, how I have felt deprived by not going on a Quest for these last few weeks.  So Mayday! Mayday!  Calling out to all my Mee’s.  Let’s go for some Chinese food.  Please?


Nobody wants to read anymore poems from me. Certainly, nobody wants to hear me sing.  So, what do you say guys? Let’s go eat some Chinese food!

I have gotten a few recommendations on Chinese restaurants that we need to try out. Let us pray that they are really good!


The-Promised-LandTwo months without Chinese food

Really is not good.


I’ve never gone this long without Chinese.

Won’t you help me please?


There I go again.  

Someone slipped a Chinese take-out menu under my door.  

I picked it up off of the floor.

I said, “Amen”.


But it’s not the same, you sees,

To have dinner without my Mee’s.


Lest you feel that all is lost,

that menu has been tossed.


For come next week,

here’s a little sneak peek.


We will be going on another Quest,

to once again seek out the very best!

Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. What a catastrophic occurrence. Get thee to a Chinese restaurant posthaste!

    Arlee Bird

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