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Grand Opening: “New Fu Run”, Great Neck

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With festive pomp and circumstances, authentic Chinese cuisine has come to Great Neck, New York!  Tina Zhang, the owner of Fu Run in Flushing, New York, opened their sister Chinese restaurant, New Fu Run at 50 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11021.

Promising us the same menu at New Fu Run as at their Flushing location, we could not be more excited, and filled with delicious anticipation, for the Grand Opening!


Unfortunately, I broke my arm two days before the Grand Opening and I was unable to attend.  Thankfully, a good friend of the Chinese Quest, Seth Birdoff, was there and took pictures at Dinner Service, and some pictures of the menu, and wrote the following commentary:

Really 4.5 stars but I’ll round up to 5!   New Fu Run is the off shoot of their Restaurant in Flushing.

Really sound operationally as far as menu (featuring big pictures of their special dishes) and staff organization.

Service is definitely up to spec.

Food – Of course I had had the Cumin (Muslim) Lamb Chop (see pictures in the gallery below).  Yes it’s 30 bucks. Yes it like 6 bucks more than in Flushing.  Yes it’s Great Neck, and yes rent is high.  As far as the actual dish it was quite tasty.  It’s more of a spare rib then anything else.  You will not find anything like any place else in Nassau County.  It’s more ideal for a big group then if you are ordering alone.  It’s a great “to share” dish.

I also had the Hot and Sour Soup which was good, but not great.  It needed for spice (and heat).

It was their 2nd day so I will cut them some slack.

They do deliver and you can order online (you get 10 percent off).

This is not your traditional Chinese place. They do have some chicken garlic sauce type dishes but as you can see (pictures of the menu are in the Gallery below) the menu is very diverse.

All in all looking forward to some really good things from New Fu Run!

Photo Gallery (Pictures courtesy of Tina Zhang and Seth Birdoff):

The Chinese Quest is eagerly looking forward to writing a formal review of New Fu Run at our earliest opportunity.  To get an idea of what to expect at New Fu Run, you can read our review of Fu Run (click here).

Humbly submitted for you consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop! Chop!”)

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  1. I really liked the tips, it helped me a lot, congratulations to the site, thank you very much !!

  2. It sure is Heather. It is in the location which was formerly occupied by the Toy Store.

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