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“Precious Chinese Cuisine”, East Northport, NY

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It was Sunday night, Chinese New Year’s Day… the clock was ticking.  We hadn’t had our Chinese dinner yet to celebrate.  We were out east.  I remembered an old favorite from back in the day.  “Precious Chinese Cuisine” is the official name of the Chinese Restaurant, but it’s more fondly just known as “Precious”.  It even sounded like an auspicious choice for Chinese New Years.  And so, we dined there.  Mee Wen Dee, and Mee, err, I.

Precious Chinese Cuisine is located at 504 Larkfield Road, in East Northport, NY 11731.  It used to be a Pizza Kitchen (or perhaps a Pizza Hut).  Regardless, it’s a well favored Chinese restaurant to those in the area.  A steady stream of customers were seated through the evening and an a torrent of take-out orders were picked up too!

Though it was Chinese New Year, sadly, there was no special menu, nor were there any particular decorations on display, except for the Money Tree (Please correct me if I have misstated the name of the tree), which was hung with, umm, Hongbao’s (red envelopes).


Save for the fact that the menu didn’t have any combinations, as in the old school Column A or Column B, it was they did have quite an extensive menu of mostly Cantonese dishes.  They also had a full bar, and a Mai Tai that I was dying to try at prices that were sure to please.  I didn’t have a Mai Tai, but did enjoy the tea.


We did order two of the combination platters, which were served with choice of soup, entree, egg roll, and ice cream.  The orders were large, and for $13.95 we had plenty left over to enjoy tomorrow!

We both selected Wonton Soup for starters.  Though a little on the small and salty side, it came with some nice greens and the wontons themselves were most delicious.  I enjoy this soup.

For our entrees, we ordered Pork with Black Bean Sauce.  I’ve only had black bean sauce before on seafood dishes such as Lobster or Shrimp.  But, it worked well with the Pork too.  The other entree was Hunan Beef.  The beef was most delicious.  The vegetables were incredible (no surprise there, right?), and the sauce seemed to really kick the heat up nicely on the vegetables.  The Pork Fried Rice that we both.


We took home the Egg Rolls along with half our entrees.  I’m eating one of the Egg Rolls now as I write this article, and I give it a thumbs up (good thing I can type without using my thumbs!… please don’t ask how I hit the space bar!).

For dessert (of course we had to leave room for ice cream, which is why we took home half our dinners!), I opted for the traditional Pistachio Ice Cream, and Mee Wen Dee chose vanilla, the finest little flavor, ice cream. I loved the ice cream.

With the check came our Fortune Cookies (hey, with this being Chinese New Year and all, I was putting a lot of pressure on that cookie!)


Our Fortune Cookies:

What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.

We find comfort among those who agree with us — growth among those who don’t.

While I am not going to bring the rest of The Chinese Quest crew back here for a formal review, I will conclude, that Precious is probably the finest sit down Chinese restaurant in the vicinity.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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