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[POLL] Finding a GOOD Chinese Restaurant

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Please help us to help you.  We have helped you find GREAT Chinese Restaurants with our “Official” reviews of Chinese restaurants that we have posted on The Chinese Quest.  But, we have also “unofficially” dined at other Chinese restaurants, and have written about them as well.  Though those “unofficial”, unsanctioned, visits are never “rated”, and don’t appear on our Official Ranking of Chinese Restaurants on Long Island and New York City, they could definitely be of interest to readers who might live in those areas.

Finding a Great Chinese Restaurant

Recently we published an article “Finding a Great Chinese Restaurant Just Got a Whole Lot Easier” that announced that we created an interactive map of all the Chinese restaurants that we have officially reviewed.  That article, and idea, was met with a tremendous response and all positive feedback.  On the map were “push pins” that you could hover over and show you the name and our rating of that Chinese restaurant.  And, if you clicked the push pin, the address of the Chinese restaurant and a link to our review appeared in a bubble above the push pin.

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Feel free to scroll.  Zoom in.  Work that mouse!  Move it all over the map.

Find a Chinese Restaurant

What would you think if we augmented the map to include all the other Chinese restaurants that we have written about?  We could alter the color of the push pin so visually you would instantly know which Chinese restaurant was officially reviewed, and which weren’t.  And furthermore, since these non-sanctioned visits don’t have ratings, we would indicate such when you hover over.  For example, we could write “XYZ Chinese Restaurant (NOT RATED)” to denote the difference.  Or, us “N/R” or “UNRATED”.

I want to hear your thoughts before contemplating this chance.  Obviously, I wouldn’t want to clutter up the map with non-rated Chinese restaurants, so you can find the creme de la creme of Chinese food (at least according to The Chinese Quest), yet I can’t help but feel you might want to read what thought of other Chinese restaurants that we have dined out.

Oh the conundrum!

Please help us!  Cast your vote below:

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We always welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can not only improve our blog, and also which Chinese restaurants that you think we should include in our Quest!  Please post your comments below.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. 2nd Draft: Changed the colors of the pushpins, AND there are subtle differences in the shade of the pin to help you distinguish between the Chinese restaurants that we rated as Excellent, Above Average, Average, or Below Average. Thoughts? Preferences?

  2. The early results are running STRONGLY in favor of adding the non-rated Chinese restaurants to the map of Chinese restaurants that we have written about. So, I started playing around with how the map could look. Changing even the placemarks themselves. Solid would indicate a reviewed Chinese restaurant; Clear, a non-rated one. What do you think?

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