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Asian Fusion – Something for Everyone

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Regional fusion combines different cuisines of a region or sub-region into a single eating experience. Asian fusion restaurants, which combine the various cuisines of different Asian countries, have become popular in many parts of the United States.  Some people, perhaps us included, have a negative connotation of Asian Fusion.  Cries of “It’s not authentic, if it’s fusion!”.  You’ve heard them?  Heck, we’ve said them.  And though we still will, because that is our wont…. And you can wont or want whatever YOU like.

Lunch-ClubAnd, just sometimes, when you have a lot of diverse people to please, Fusion might be the great compromise.  And isn’t THAT the American way?  We could have spent hours trying to figure out a restaurant that suits everyone’s tastes.  Or, we could go where there is something for everyone (so long as that everyone doesn’t comprise the members of The Chinese Quest!).

So, I say, there is something to this thing called Asian Fusion Restaurants.  It’s just not for The Chinese Quest, but that’s ok.  I digress.  Let’s take a little look at some of your options.  For lunch today, our lunch club went out for, you guessed it, lunch!   Once a month we aim to go out for Chinese food.  I consider it an advance scouting trip for The Chinese Quest.

Fushia Restaurant is located at 44-29 9th St., Long Island City, New York.


I would go far though as to say that this wasn’t really fusion cooking.  The dishes weren’t an amalgamation of different cuisines.  No, the menu just featured food from different countries (in this case Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food).  We were here for lunch, and there’s not better bargain or variety than getting a Bento box.  That’s what four of us had.  Other dishes were Ramen noodles and Thai Chicken.  Like I said, there was something for everyone!

A Veritable Delight

The dishes looked as good as they tasted too!



All the dishes were yummy, and the price held great appeal for a lunchtime, or any time, meal!  Highly recommended if you’re in the area, which is kind of in the middle of nowhere.  But, if you’re there, go there!

Why did I write an article about our Lunch Club and Asian Fusion restaurants?  I needed an excuse to show off my vocabulary by using the word “amalgamation”.  NOT!  It was because I wanted to reiterate that we are always searching for new Chinese restaurants to try out.  This is one way to discover new restaurants.  The other is asking our readers for their suggestions.  So, suggest away!

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. You guys should visit San Gabriel Valley over at Los Angeles in the future. We are the largest Chinese community in the US and also got great Chinese restaurants which can rival NYC, New York! Places such as Yang Chow, New Capital Seafood, Newport Seafood, and many more.

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