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National Soup Month – The Souper Bowl!

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With the cold weather still in abundance, January is the perfect month to celebrate and enjoy soup of all kinds.  Join us in celebrating one of our favorite courses: soup! January is National Soup Month!!


“Say it ain’t so!”

A little history on soup. Soup has been traced back as far as 6000 B.C., notably it seems that Hippopotamus was the first known meat used for soups. We know the early Greeks sold soup in their market places and streets, which implies that soup may have been one of the first known “fast foods”. In fact, before they began adding lentils, beans and other ingredients, soup was really just broth, the broth was used to pour over or dip bread into. The bread was called sop, which turned into the word we have all become familiar with, “soup”.

National Soup month is observed by the United States, however it seems to be picking up speed and observance in other countries as well, as most countries and ethnicities all have their famous or notorious bowl of soup.

And with the Super Bowl coming up early in February, we thought, why not combine the two events.  Why waste a good part of Super Bowl Sunday at home waiting for the action to begin when you could be warming up while chowing down?  But which soup is for your?

We’re going to have a friendly competition that will end on Super Bowl, or Souper Bowl Sunday.

You get to choose the winner.  Of course, this being The CHINESE Quest, we are limiting the competition to Chinese soups.  We have diligently been working to narrow the field down to our slate of finalists.  We have done all we can do.  The rest is up to YOU!

Which Chinese soup will reign supreme on Souper, err, Super Bowl Sunday??

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  1. My favorite Asian soup is definitely the Thai Tom Ka Kai. When I’m sick feeling it’s like a medicine. I had a bowl yesterday in fact. Hot and Sour is another one that can make me feel better when I’m down, but the won ton and egg drop can sure hit the spot at the right times as well.

    Arlee Bird

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