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Five Ways to Leave a Chinese Restaurant

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Five Ways to Leave a Chinese Restaurant

Obviously, you’re almost always going to leave a Chinese restaurant through the front door. But, the way, or how you leave can vary. And each way tells a story on it’s own. Let’s explore, shall we? These five ways aren’t mutually exclusive, and you can definitely fall in to more than one category.


1. With a Smile on Your Face

This is obviously the preferred way to walk out the door. You just had a fabulous meal of delectable Chinese food. You enjoyed every moment of your experience. And you can’t wait to come back. Even an hour later!
You’re going to:

  • Tell all your friends about the food.
  • Invite them to join you next time.
  • Tell The Chinese Quest about your dining experience.

doggie-bag2. With a Doggy Bag

This doesn’t necessarily preclude that you’re not smiling on your departure. It either signifies that you were over-served, and couldn’t wait to have a midnight snack. Or, it could mean that the meal was so so, you couldn’t eat it, didn’t enjoy it, and either didn’t want to upset the restaurant owners, or the food was just good enough to feed Rover.

3. With a Take-out Order

chinese-takeout-boxYour sole purpose in coming to the Chinese restaurant today was to take out food, and you were too hungry, or eager, for the delivery to arrive. So you called in, and ten minutes later, two seconds before you arrived, your food was ready and packed for you to go.

4. With an Upset Stomach

pepto-bismolThe WORST possible exit. Last thing you want. Worst thing for business. Or, a wake up call to the Chinese restaurant to either hire a better chef, or purchase fresher products. The walk of shame to the bathroom and/or out the door is never a pleasant experience.

Sometimes it might not be the food, but the type of food you eat that brought out this condition. I have found that some Chinese food can be very fatty. I have learned to eat lots of rice with my meal, and also drink hot tea, which breaks up the fat and grease that’s building up in your belly.

An ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of pepto or kaopectate.

5.  With More Money in Your Pocket

fortune-cookie-lottery-numbersThat fortune in the cookie came in the fortune cookie with dessert?  It could be gold.  Play those number in the lottery and you never know!  You have to be in it to win it!


Want to leave with a smile on your face?  Follow The Chinese Quest recommendations and you will never go wrong!

What ways have I overlooked?

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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  1. Out of the five tips, the first one is the most correct. My husband is an absolute fanatic of Chinese food so we are constantly looking for new places to try out. I have found that the taste of the food is only half the experience. The other half is enjoying the scenery and taking in the environment. Like you mentioned, it’s hard to not leave with a smile on your face when you’re enjoying every moment.

  2. very nice article, i love to read this article the way of writing and very catch title and it’s sounds great when you come out from Chinese restaurant with a big simile on your face. such a nice article, thank for sharing!

  3. I love Chinese take-out! I think you pretty much hit them all right on about leaving with a big smile on our face. It is also very true about having more money in your pocket because it’s very inexpensive. My wife is the one that got me very addicted to Chinese food. I think this week alone we have eaten Chinese 3 times. Can people submit fortunes to be in a fortune cookie?

    • Breck,

      Welcome to our ‘h@ll’! LOL. We are addicted to Chinese food too!!

      I love your suggestion about user submitted fortune cookies. Please send them in. We will encourage others to do as well, and then publish an ever growing list of suggested Fortune Cookies. We can all share in any royalties we may earn!! :). Or, we can start our own line of Fortune Cookies.

  4. Well, I have to say that so far I’ve never walked out of a Chinese restaurant with an upset stomach… though I did sometimes feel I didn’t have a very good meal. That’s not a nice way to walk out either.

    I walked out satisfied with the meals lots of times 🙂

    • Sadly, before I learned the great secret of rice and hot tea, I had more than my share of upset stomachs. But, I also stay away from VERY fatty foods now.

      Live and learn! And I my experience did learn me that great fortune read upon a bathroom wall… “May your life be like a roll of toilet paper. Long and useful!”. I try to live up to those words daily!

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