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Read Over a Quarter of a Million Times!

Quarter of a Million Two-hundred and Fifty Thousand 250,000 dollarsA quarter of a million.  Two-hundred and fifty-thousand. 250,000.  No matter how you write it, it’s still a BIG number.  And, by the time this article goes to press our blog will have been read over two-hundred and fifty-thousand times!  In just over 20 months!  A quarter of a million reads!  If we only had a dollar for every time someone read the blog!  (Inflation, what can I say?  Used to be a nickel.  Times have changed.  Get over it!)

That a lot of reads!  That’s a lot of people that are reading our blog.  That’s a lot of people searching for the best Chinese restaurants on Long Island and New York City.  That’s a lot of pressure!  It’s also a great testament (First there was the Old Testament;  Then the New Testament.  Leave it to the Chinese Quest to write The Great Testament to Chinese food) to the many people who have already come to rely on The Chinese Quest’s unbiased reviews of Chinese restaurants, or Chinese food recipes.  Or, perhaps for their wit and wisdom.  Or, they clicked on the link by mistake.  So nu?  Hit the back button, and move on with your lives.  But if you’re here already, stay.  We’re sure you’re hungry.  Come have a bite of our blog.  An hour later you’ll want to read it again!

But, we feel it’s just the tip of the iceberg (not to be confused with Eisenberg or Rosenberg, now THOSE were good Jews who’ve already been following The Chinese Quest)!  We are just finding our audience.  We’re just finding our stride.  They say the first million is the easiest to make (ok, we’re just a quarter of the way there).  Mee thinks not.  But, with your help, we can reach millions.  Billions if you include China.  Now if we had a dollar THEN for each…. ah, dreaming again Mee?

So please Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Check out our Pins on Pinterest, and hangout with us on Google+, and host of other Social Media websites (if it’s popular, we’re there.  We’re not proud.  Just hungry!).  Or, just email everyone on your distribution list a link to the Chinese Quest.  https://www.thechinesequest.com as if you didn’t already know and didn’t already bookmark it!  Umm, you did bookmark the blog, didn’t you?  Of, you can also Subscribe by providing your e-mail address and you’ll be instantly alerted the next time another Pulitzer Prize worthy article is published on The Chinese Quest.  You can find the “Subscribe” box on the Home page.

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

From all of Mee’s, to all of You’s,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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