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A Resplendent Riesling Wine, Art, Etc.

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This is a post that first appeared on a friend of ours fledgling new blog.  And since she was kind enough to cite “The Chinese Quest” in her article, we thought that we would be kind enough (with her permission, of course) to re-print her article on our blog.  Especially since it deals with a topic that’s near and dear to us, Wine, Riesling, and Chinese food.

germany-wineSugar Plums !

Once you’ve had a taste of this Resplendent Riesling, you will be ready to bask in the SUBLIME after glow of Her Resplendent Treasures..This I can almost promise to be true!

Perhaps, YOU will Taste Her for yourself:

Leitz Weingut 2007 Rudesheimer Magdalenenkreuz Spatlese

Awarded the German winemaker of the year in 2011: Johannes Leitz

There are recorded documents linking the Leitz family winemaking history all the way back to 1744, my GOODNESS..!

How old is THAT ?!

Johannes Leitz was born much later, in 1964 in Rüdesheim. His Grandfather, Josef Leitz, re-built the winery after a bomb raid on the area during the Second World War. His father, Antonius Leitz had briefly taken ownership of the winery before his premature death in 1966. This left his wife, with her flower shop, a household and of course the FAMILY WINERY to run. (As a side note, I’d be more then happy to press their grapes).

So, it wasn’t until 1985 when Johannes took over the winery that it once again became a PRIMARY focal point of attention.

After taking hold of the family business, he has managed to raise the estate from 2.9 hectares to 40 hectares, or as WE would say, A HEARTY AND FERTILE 98.8 ACRES..!

HOLY MOLY ! That’s quite a jump!

Years past, Johannes has gained national and international recognition for his outstanding wines. Internationally, his major markets include Norway, Sweden, the UK and USA.

I would work for them, how about you..?

Now let’s talk PALATE…

This TESORO is composed from the aroma of lemons and limes, slight mint echoes, as well as a touch of lychee, tarragon, banana, pear and pineapple.

fruit-marketINTOXICATING nose! A luscious residual sweetness, combined with a delicate fruity acidity, allowing the flavors to melt slowly on the palate, leaving with you a lovely finish.

Or as a dear friend phrased it:

Questo vino e molto calmante sul tuo palato.”
Translation: “This wine is very SOOTHING on your palate.”
Oh so SOOTHING with sparkles of sweetness..!

Now, let’s talk GRAPES

Riesling is a light-skinned, aromatic grape of German origin which is – if the majority of top wine critics are to be believed – the world’s FINEST white-wine grape variety.

riesling-grapesRiesling’s vine holds a very different place in the wine world, compared to such great grapes as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay. While these immensely popular varieties have conquered every corner of the winegrowing world, Riesling is conspicuously absent from the core wine regions of France, Spain and Italy. Her fanbase is also somewhat more EXCLUSIVE and DEVOTED; while Cabernet and Chardonnay are bold crowd pleasers, Riesling’s harder-won fans tend to remain LOYAL regardless of fads and fashions.

So what would you pair Her with, you ask??

This Resplendent Riesling can be perfectly paired with Asian cuisine, and to accompany everything that is fruity, sweet and sour, hot and intensively seasoned with chili, star aniseed, coriander, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil….YUMMY !

The Chinese Quest will be SO DELIGHTED! 

And by the way, also fabulous with apple strudel and custard.

creme-bruleeI would absolutely LOVE HER with Creme Brûlée…you?

How about we FORGET ABOUT an entree pairing and just GO DIRECTLY TO DESSERT PAIRINGS, eh ?

How about a toasted coconut Panna Cotta or CHOCOFLAN..? Or dare I say Profiterole..?!?

Hmmm…Beyond excited !! How will I even finish this review..?

GOD save the queen!

GOT TO GO get me some…

Cheers to Gourmet Findings,


Wine, Art, Etc.

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