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The Gospel of the Grape & The Word on Wine

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The Gospel of the Grape


The Word on Wine

We believe…

that everyone should enjoy the delights of the vine. This labor of love will bring the joy of the grape to even the most casual of wine drinkers. After all, wine enhances the dinner hour while it softens the social setting. All wines have a charm and personality of their own. With this first edition we fervently want more people to enjoy this experience. We also believe that wine need not be expensive to be enjoyed. This column will be a guide so that you will be able to face a wine list or enter a wine store with confidence. Choosing the right wine for dinner will no longer be a daunting experience.

In each edition we will bring to you the wines we have tasted during our Chinese Quest for the best. We will also present articles that will contain information to assist you in becoming your own expert. It is our desire to spread the word of wine and the gospel of the grape. Education mixed with fun entertainment will make this concept more palatable.

Ratings & Reviews

Let’s keep this simple. When we rate a wine we will place them in one of three categories with #1 being the top rating:

  1. We liked them a lot. Best enjoyment.

  2. We liked them. Nice enjoyment.

  3. We didn’t like them. No enjoyment

Did you know…

Grapes and Winethat there are wonderful wines throughout the world for you to enjoy with Chinese cuisine? Most people only think of beer when they want an adult beverage with this cuisine. We say, “Nay nay.” Together in a single sitting we can travel the world on our quest for the best. We’ll go through the vineyards of France and then to the gentle sloping hills of Portugal’s Douro River Valley and back home to the lush Napa Valley of California. Who knows, we may even stop in Chile or even South Africa on our way back. Imagination and desire are our vehicles of discovery.

In our next edition we’ll reveal the wines tasted as well as presenting enlightening information on the glorious grape gulped during our Asian gustatory adventure.

Mee Har Vee

(Harvey Passes, DDS)

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  1. I can't wait to read more of your articles… and I'm very excited to try some of your recommendations.

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