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[Plea] Do You Know Anyone in North Dakota?

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Surely they must have Chinese restaurants in North Dakota.  But, why oh why, hasn’t anyone from North Dakota visited www.thechinesequest.com?

EVERY other state in the nation has had a least one person visit The Chinese Quest’s blog!

I was waiting on North Dakota to come knocking at our door so Mee could announce to the world that although our Quest, though focused on Long Island, NY, it has reached EVERY state in our Union (which is pretty darned impressive if you ask Mee, as I pat myself on the back!).  I waited.  And waited some more.  No one.  So now I’m reaching out to North Dakota… or asking our friends here to send a note to their friends or relatives in North Dakota.

North Dakota IS in the United States isn’t it??  I was beginning to question my history and geography memory.


Hmm… Mee wonders too what the best Chinese restaurant is in North Dakota.  I would suggest we create a Quest to explore that territory.  But, until we receive confirmation that someone from North Dakota can verify that there are in fact, a) people that live in North Dakota, b), they have computers and internet access, and c) there are Chinese restaurants in North Dakota; then I see no point in Questing out there.  Yet.

North Dakota:  Show your face!  Raise your hand!  Click on to https://www.thechinesequest.com.  Let us know you exist.  We’re worried about you!  North Dakota, phone home!  (your order WILL be ready in 10 minutes.  Guaranteed!)

(Hint:  Click HERE):  here

Submitted for your consumption,

–Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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