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For the Diner That (almost) Has it All!

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Dine in Style

I was, like a good Jew, shopping and looking for a bargain this evening, when I stumbled across the perfect accessory for Mee’s to tote their gifts from Cousin Soo-Zee (the five sets of chopsticks from her recent trip to China):



This is, of course, a NEW AUTH LOUIS VUITTON CHOPSTICKS MONOGRAM CASE 2004 FOR VIP LIMITED EDITION that I found on eBay (click on the image, or the UPPERCASE description, for a link to the auction).

For a mere Buy it Now price of $1,080 (next day shipping is only an additional $35.00 – of course, we’re not dining until next week, so we don’t have to have it overnighted!).  I wonder if they’ll give us a volume discount if we order five?  (that’s right, always thinking like a Jew! 😉 )

That case has real JAP appeal (Jewish American Princess, lest someone think I was making some other reference).

And, if it weren’t for the fact that we already some sweet sticks (thank you again Cuz), we might consider the following:


Antique Chinese Silver Knife and Chopsticks with Coral and Enameled Holder

Buy it Now for $3,990 (or make an offer)






Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Knife and Chopsticks Set

Buy this fine package deal now for merely $3,800

w/Free Local Pick up (unfortunately, pick up is in Tokyo, Japan).

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