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Listen to Mee — Engrish as a Second Language

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Class is in Session

Being the good investigative reporters that we are, we realized the need to not only talk the talk, but be able to walk the walk.

So, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our understanding of those (and the foods) that we observe.  Towards that end, I stumbled across a website, engrish.com that I figured would give us the insight, phrases, and perhaps some idioms we could sprinkle in on our conversations with our hosts.

While I haven’t found too many tidbits that were useful, I did find this picture posted on their website:



I can assure you that Mee, err wee, ummm, us, had absolutely nothing to do with this, and we did NOT put up that sign.

Quite to the contrary, we love you all, and you’re all welcome at our bungalow… or on our Quest for the Best Magic Bus (coming soon, pending corporate sponsorship… Any interested Sponsors, please contact us offline).  And one day, we’ll even welcome some of you to break matzo, oops, bread… Chinese noodles! with us at our dinner table one night.

Until then, stay calm!  And hungry!!

–Mee Magnum (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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