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Enjoy Grilled Chinese Food this Summer

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It’s that time of the year again when you get to dust off your grill and get it ready for some barbecue. With the weather all warm and people in a cheerful spirit, it is the perfect time to get your grill from the store and prepare tasty meals that you will share with your loved ones.

The norm with outdoor grilling during the summer has always been to prepare some steaks, it could be beef or lamb, and vegetables for those who are vegan, but this is getting all too familiar and boring. To make your cooking memorable, you can decide to try different cuisines and grilled Chinese food are among the best that you can prepare.

This article will look at a few recipes from that part of the planet and why you should make the Chinese cuisine part of your diet. Let’s now get started on some of the Chinese meals and recipes that are great when prepared over a grill.

The best of grilled Chinese Food

The Chinese have a very rich cuisine. They insist on fresh and seasonal ingredients that are cooked lightly so as to retain the natural flavor and taste of food. Seasoning is a key part of the Chinese cuisine with locals using natural herbs and spices to season and add flavor to the meals that are being prepared.

The Chinese culinary style has spread far and wide with people from all over the world yearning to eat meals prepared the Chinese way. This has led to the emergence of Chinese restaurants and eateries in different parts of the world so as to make sure that people can easily access Chinese meals even without having to board a plane and head to China.

You, however, don’t have to head to a Chinese restaurant or make the bold step of heading to China to enjoy Chinese dishes. This is because you can prepare them at home and we will highlight several grilled Chinese food that you must try this summer.

Must-try Chinese Grilling Recipes

Here are a few Chinese grilled dishes that you must try this summer:

1.    Grilled chicken with bean sauce

Chicken is one of the amazing dishes that you can prepare over a grill. You can, however, give it a Chinese twist by preparing it with bean sauce. Grill it perfectly to develop a flavorful and crispy crust.

It is advisable to pick the meaty parts of the chicken when preparing this meal such as the breast. Don’t cook your chicken on high heat so as to ensure the chicken retains its tenderness and juicy nature as well as the smoky aroma from the burning coal.

2.    Grilled Chinese Potatoes

You can’t make your grilling all about steaks as there might be people in your party who don’t eat meat. To cater to these people, you can prepare grilled potatoes that have been spiced with chilli pepper and curcumin to give the potatoes added flavor.

Slice the potatoes finely and grill them on low heat until they get blistered and their texture becomes creamy. Such potatoes are quite tasty and if you get the preparation right, you might even have the meat enthusiast scrambling for the grilled potatoes.

3.    Delicious grilled eggplant served with Yu Xiang sauce

This is another amazing meal of the Chinese cookbook. Most people hardly consider eggplant as a main dish, but when you prepare it the Chinese way, you will be able to enjoy a tasty vegetarian dish.

Cooking eggplant is not that hard and you will be able to cook a crispy and tasty dish that you will share with your family and friends.

4.    Xinjiang lamb skewers

Lamb is one of the meals that don’t miss in a barbeque and the Chinese have an amazing way of preparing lamb skewers. The Chinese are big on herbs and spices and the Xinjiang lamb skewers are prepared with cumin and chili for seasoning.

This results in tender and flavorful skewers that are a delight to have. Enjoy them with a cold beer as you spend time and chat with your friends.

5.    Grilled chicken salad

This is another amazing dish from the Chinese cookbook that you will enjoy especially if you are a health freak. To prepare the chicken salad, you will need the following ingredients:

– 1 pound of boneless chicken. You should remove the skin from the chicken as well.

– Vegetable oil

– Ginger-Miso spice paste

– 2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice

– 2 scallions

– 4 cups of shredded coleslaw mix

–  Snow peas

You will first of all have to prepare the grilled chicken that you will mix with the other ingredients to make the salad. Make deep slashes on the boneless chicken so as to make grilling it easy.

In a separate bowl, combine the spice paste with the vegetable oil and apply the mixture to the chicken. Set the grill to high and cook the chicken for about 7 minutes until it is done. Let the chicken cool and then slice it into thin strips.

Next, you will have to get a saucepan, add some salt water and bring it to boil. Add the snow peas for about a minute and then drain the water. Add the remaining paste to the snow peas as well as the remaining vegetable oil.

Add the coleslaw, scallions, and the grilled chicken into the mixture. Stir gently to get the ingredients to mix properly. Season with salt and enjoy a lovely Chinese dish that is not only tasty but healthy as well.


Grilled dishes are great if you are planning on hosting several people over. This is because grilling is easy and you will be able to prepare the meals in a short period of time.

Most people usually prepare their grilled dishes the conventional way but if you want to really enjoy your meals, then you should think about preparing grilled Chinese food.

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