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Mee Yong Joo Talks About the Mee’s

The Chinese Quest Featured Image

The Mee Boys Just Want to Have Fun Once a month, and sometimes more often, I look forward to meeting my brothers for a Chinese Food experience. When we have the date penciled in, no matter where we end up going, we know that it will be a fun evening. You see, The Chinese Quest is more than a gastronomic ...

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[REVIEW] Ancient Ginger, St. James

Ancient Ginger Chinese Restaurant

Stop the Presses!!! In a day that will go down in the famed annals of The Chinese Quest when our story is completely written one day (what a play on words!), The Chinese Quest had the great pleasure, and honor, of being joined this evening by Long Island’s premier Food Reporter, Newsday’s Erica Marcus.  The setting for this evening’s Quest ...

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Green Leaf Wall Mural

I’m convinced that the best nights in life are when you least expect it. Such was the case at Green Leaf Chinese Restaurant, located at 376 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington. Upon entering the restaurant, I felt like I was entering a Chinese restaurant from the 70’s. The decor is from the early ” Shlock Dynasty”, with heavy wall murals,and ...

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Chinese Food Facts

Chinese food facts

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Chinese food.  Perhaps those types of people do exist.  But, perhaps because they don’t love Chinese food, I don’t know them.  Just a thought.  According to statistics, Chinese food is the most loved cuisine in the whole world.  That fact alone increases the odds of me making lots of new friends.  There are more ...

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Chinese Zodiac Sheep Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Sheep Traits and Personality

Pure-hearted spirits, these folk never seem to age. There is something young, optimistic and generous about Sheep. Even so do not think of them as merely “sheep” – the people born under this Chinese sign have amazing resiliency and steadfastness that goes down the roots of their wool. The key thing that holds sheep back is that they are followers. ...

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Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits and Personality

In Chinese tradition, Snake represents the primordial wisdom that lives deepest in our souls. Those born in The Year of the Snake have ties to that information in part because of their unearthly psychic skills. It takes a shield of iron to keep a Snake perceptions out of your aura. In fact, good luck with that. Both being serpents, Chinese ...

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A Culinary History of Jews in America

Culinary history of Jews in America

From our friend Seth Front who brought you the Jewish Zodiac, we present his culinary history of Jews in America with this very entertaining video and story. Join comedian and Jewish Zodiac® creator Seth Front for a humorous and educational multimedia history of the delicatessen across four generations of Jews in America, from 1880 to the present. Discover the real story behind your favorite ...

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