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Chinese Food and Feng Shui


Most of us think that Feng Shui is only for living spaces. However, Feng Shui is meant for food also. So, the next time you dine out for Chinese food, please take all this in to consideration...

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The Chinese Quest Goes Back to the Future (2046)


The year is 2046. There are still Chinese restaurants and take-out places in every town. Never do you have to teleport more than 10 seconds to get your Chinese food (which is always ready in ONE minute!). Let us tell you more of what you will find in the future...

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The Take-Out Take-Down Final Four


March Madness continues in to the semifinal round of the Take-Out Take-Down. #MarchMadness #FinalFour Which food will reign supreme? Chinese food? Pizza? Hamburgers? Sandwiches and Subs?? YOU tell us!

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