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Happiness is a Warm Egg Roll

Egg Rolls

A meal in the palm of your hand! What could be more convenient?  You can carry it anywhere you go.  It won’t leak like a taco, it won’t drip like an enchilada.  It’s THE perfect food.  It is, of course, an Egg Roll! And it doesn’t have to even be eaten hot.  I think nothing more than a midnight snack, straight ...

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Israel and China – Perfect Together

Israel China Perfect Together

My last few articles were on “Ancient Chinese Inventions“, and “Made in Israel“, which talked about how Israel is the hotbed for innovations and inventions.   Imagine, if you will, how perfect together Israel and China could work together.  I was inspired to research my prior articles as a result of the following video: This could be the marriage made ...

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Is Our Quest For Chinese Food, Part Habit and Part Comfort Food??

I Love Chinese Food

What Feeds Your Quest for Chinese Food? I love Chinese food! There I said it and I admit it! But that doesn’t mean I enjoy either every Chinese restaurant (whether authentic or Americanized), or every item on the menu. Each of us have our favorites, and most of us have our I won’t touch that items. That’s perfectly natural. Some seek ...

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Tummy Talk – An Interview with Mee Tsu Yan

Tummy Talk an Interview with Mee Tsu Yan   This is the second interview in our series, called Welcome to Tummy Talk. Today we are interviewing Mee Tsu Yan (MTY). MTY is a native Long Islander, and a devout lover of Chinese food. When he is not eating Chinese food, MTY can be found with his lovely wife of 28 years ...

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