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Tian Sing is Tourist Oriented But Delicious

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San Francisco Chinese Quest

By Ree Mee

This past week my roommate and I had occasion to visit the west coast Mecca of Chinese food, San Francisco. There are so many wonderful restaurants in the city that it’s difficult to decide which one to sample. We stayed at the King George Hotel at Geary and Mason streets, which is fabulously located with theater, Union Square shopping and Chinatown all within a few blocks. Ultimately, because my companion has difficulty walking, we settled on a Chinese restaurant only a block from the hotel on Cyril Magnum St. called Tian Sing.


The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Fusion. It is clean and nicely lit inside with modern furniture and Asian ambiance. A huge cut-out dragon shape runs the length of the back wall. The restaurant serves dim sum, so that was a must try for us.


We ordered the Dim Sum Shiu Mai, which is a pork dumpling, which were four to an order. This was a perfect amount for the two of us. They were well filled with very tasty pork and steamed just to perfection. Condiments on the table included Chinese mustard, soy sauce and chili sauce offered in a lovely serving set with spoons. It was very appealing.


For the main course, my friend ordered the Green Onion and Ginger Beef while I selected the Prawns with Asparagus. The dishes were large enough for two easily and the colors of the food. Particularly the asparagus, popped with invitation to dine. We didn’t order the optional rice since we usually don’t eat it as I try to watch my carbs. I didn’t miss it in the slightest.


Of course we each sampled the other’s main dish so we could properly evaluate the taste. The beef was excellent, cooked to tenderness, but it was a little light on the ginger. Patricia was hoping for more spice in it and could barely taste the ginger. I agree that it could have used more spice, but overall the flavor was excellent. The onions were almost too plentiful, but we like onions.

We both agreed the asparagus was cooked to perfection, tender enough to eat easily without losing its crunch. The prawns were perfect, not overdone in any way and the sauce was delicious. Again, it could have benefited from a little more spice in it, but I didn’t miss it.


The real capper of the meal was the dessert. I don’t usually order dessert, but I had never tried Fried Milk Custard and I was intrigued. This is literally custard that is dipped in a tempura batter and deep fried. It was served right out of the oil and looked beautiful. First word of warning is to wait a few minutes for it to cool down. We got four pieces, which is enough for a satisfying dessert. Once it cooled a little, the full flavor of the custard came through and it is was delicious.


This is a medium-priced restaurant for San Francisco and we felt that the food was worth every cent. We didn’t order any wine and the total cost for the meal was under $50.

If you are in San Francisco and are looking for a restaurant with very good, plentiful food, and a pleasing atmosphere, you might consider stopping in at Tian Sing for either lunch or dinner or just a sampling of dim sum.

–Mee Ree (aka Rene)

Link for my blog: www.reneaverett.me/skinnygirl/

I am Rene from Skinny Girl Bistro and I am excited to share my Chinese restaurant dining experiences on a recent trip to San Francisco, CA. I write a blog on low carb recipes, and you can read one of my low carbohydrate recipes that was published on The Chinese Quest, and please check my blog for more low carb recipes.

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  1. Those photos make me hungry….

  2. Rene,

    Next time you plan on going to San Francisco, The Chinese Quest wants to go with you! That Chinese restaurant looks YUMMY!

    Now I’m hungry!!

    Thanks for sharing your review!


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