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Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Traits and Personality

Rooster people are movers and shakers! They have a dream and the courage to pursue it, even if it seems improbable. Open-minded and confident most Roosters experience a profound level of success in life, even though people in their own circle can’t often grasp their vision. Roosters are not born, they’re self-made and highly driven. Like a laser beam, they ...

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Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Snake Traits and Personality

In Chinese tradition, Snake represents the primordial wisdom that lives deepest in our souls. Those born in The Year of the Snake have ties to that information in part because of their unearthly psychic skills. It takes a shield of iron to keep a Snake perceptions out of your aura. In fact, good luck with that. Both being serpents, Chinese ...

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A Culinary History of Jews in America

Culinary history of Jews in America

From our friend Seth Front who brought you the Jewish Zodiac, we present his culinary history of Jews in America with this very entertaining video and story. Join comedian and Jewish Zodiac® creator Seth Front for a humorous and educational multimedia history of the delicatessen across four generations of Jews in America, from 1880 to the present. Discover the real story behind your favorite ...

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The Chinese American Experience


Chinese American Great Food / Great Location What would the landscape of America look like if there weren’t a CVS, Walgreen’s, McDonald’s, or Chinese restaurant seemingly on every corner?  Throw in some immigrating Jews, and it’s all about supply and demand.  The perfect marriage of Chinese, American, and Jews, come all together to make the perfect union and market for ...

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Chinese Colors – Chinese Culture

Chinese Color Guide

Words, phrases, gestures, all have different meanings in different cultures.  And so do colors.  We will even answer why Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt on Sunday’s at every golf tournament, and why Chinese colors have different meaning than in Western cultures. In the Chinese culture: White (in Chinese it’s pronounced “bai”) symbolizes bereavement, bad luck, death, failure and ...

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