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Wednesday is Monday

The Bottom Line Honestly?  I like Wednesday is Sundae better.  At Carvel’s you buy one sundae, get one sundae on Wednesday’s.  What Jewish guy doesn’t like that? But, in this case, Wednesday IS Monday. What does that mean to you?  I will tell you what it means to me.  It means that I don’t get to eat Chinese food tonight. ...

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We’re Going to Move Soon – Don’t Worry

We’re going to move our hosting service soon.  No, we’re not going in to competition with our restaurants. We’re not going in to the hosting business.  That’s the restaurants business.  THEIR service is still what we’re going to be judging.  It is our WEB hosting that’s going to be going to move to a new company. What does that mean ...

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Book it Dano! We’re Heading East. To Yao’s Diner!

Mee Five-Oh! We’re hitching our wagons, and we’ve set out sights east!  Our first venture in to Suffolk County.  Our destination is Yao’s Diner.  It sounds so like a luncheonette, doesn’t it?  But, it will be so much more.  We’re expecting our epicurean delights to be tickled fancy by the taste of the East. Yao’s Diner is in Centereach at 2503 ...

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We’re a Perfect 10!

I woke up this morning and noticed that we just moved in to the #10 slot on Long Island’s Top Websites! A Perfect 10!  But, we’ve only just begun.  There’s only one way we can go.  And it’s the direction that we’ve been heading.  That’s Up!  While the food goes down, we’re going up Up UP in the charts. And ...

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[Review] Take Out From Hunan Taste in Greenvale

  Try Dining In! Four out of five Mee’s are at Mee V Stooga’s place of work… We’re brainstorming ideas for our quest… The wine is flowing, we just placed our order from Hunan Taste of Roslyn. Once the wine starts running low we will really start be brainstorming Mee’s.  It should be noted that Hunan Taste is NOT one ...

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Chat Live with the Five Mee’s!

Live and Almost in Person The Fab Five want to bring our fans even closer (remember, NO touching in real life!) to us, so we’ve added a live chat (chat live option) to our blog. Click on the banner on the right hand navigation bar, or click on the image below: Remember, you can also follow our Twitter feed at ...

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