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Recipe for Chinese Latkes


Chanukah and Christmas start this year on almost the exact same date! What's a Jew to do? Chinese? Jewish food? How about BOTH! Check out this fusion recipe for Chinese Latkes!! Please send us any other Fusion (Jewish Food and Chinese Food) recipes and we would be glad to publish them... give YOU credit, of course, and give you links back to your website and/or blog!

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Asian Fusion – Something for Everyone


Asian Fusion Restaurants combine the best of Chinese, Japanese, Thai foods, and others too. What is it good for? There's something for everyone, and it's guaranteed to satisfy. The Lunch Club went to Fushia in Long Island City. You won't believe what they ate!

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Shake It Up! Chinese Pizza

Chinese Pizza

0000000With apologies to Taylor Swift, we’re not going to Shake it Off.  No, we’re going to Shake it Up tonight!  I’m talking a fusion that has universal appeal.  I’m not talking a pizza bagel.  No.  That would be too pedestrian.  I’m talking Chinese Pizza!!  And, I’m going to share a recipe with you! Imagine being able to take your Chinese ...

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The Chinese American Experience


1000000Chinese American Great Food / Great Location What would the landscape of America look like if there weren’t a CVS, Walgreen’s, McDonald’s, or Chinese restaurant seemingly on every corner?  Throw in some immigrating Jews, and it’s all about supply and demand.  The perfect marriage of Chinese, American, and Jews, come all together to make the perfect union and market for ...

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