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Don’t Read This Article!

Myths about Chinese food

0000000Don’t read this article!!!  Lest all those misconceptions that you had believed all your life about some Chinese foods were true, really aren’t. Misconceptions About Chinese Food Misconception: Egg rolls are a Chinese food The Egg Roll that we eat in many parts of the western world isn’t really all that much like the most similar Chinese food. The egg rolls ...

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Kosher Restaurants in China

Kosher Chinese Restaurant

0000000We often receive a few e-mails from people thanking us for our unbiased reviews of Chinese restaurants.  But, we recently received an e-mail from someone who thought so highly of our mission to find the best AUTHENTIC Chinese restaurant on Long Island and New York City that they plan to share our site with people from China who are planning ...

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Curious About Cumin

Cumin Seeds

0000002Cumin in Chinese Food It was just the other night when we dined at Red Tiger Dumpling House in Stony Brook that I first encountered the use of cumin in Chinese food.  We asked the waiter about it, and it just made me more curious to learn more about this fascinating spice called cumin. It’s not just used in Indian ...

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