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Chinese Cuisine – What’s Worth a Try!

Rice is probably the first thing people think about when they hear of Chinese food. It is truly the basis of a huge number of dishes here. The thing is that there are many more, which are definitely worth a try. Besides, China is popular with its unusual dishes, which are able to frighten some people. Traditional Chinese cuisine includes cooked whole grains, which is made of corns, millet and Japanese sorghum.


A fluffy porridge is made of rice and a thin porridge, which Chinese have for breakfast. Many courses include soy oil, soy milk, and soy curds in China. There are thousands of recipes out of fresh, vinegar-cured and dried soy curds. They just love dark brown thin sauce and liquid salt pasta made of soybeans. Pulse crops are the main protein sources in food of Chinese people. Beans replace meat, consumption of which is very limited.

If to talk about meat, pork is widely used. As for beef and lamb, it is consumed not that often. Sauces are the main thing about Chinese food, it is all about exotic combinations of tastes and aromas. There are plenty of them in China and they make courses delicate and inimitable. There are not that many of unusual and non-traditional courses and they are made for the purpose to surprise the tourists.


The main national dishes of Chinese cuisine:

  • Peking Style Duck, which is Peking special. A slice of the duck is put onto a thin cake, covered with onions and dipped into soy sauce.
  • Fresh River Fish is quite of a separate course with different names, which is for sale in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.
  • Kong Bao Chicken a tender chicken meat with a crispy crust baked deviled and sauced.



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