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What is in a Number?

Number Eight 8

Would you rather eat at the Number ONE Chinese Restaurant or the Number EIGHT Chinese Restaurant? Does the number make a difference? We think so! Do you?

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#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

The burning question that we have received all week long is “what will be your theme for the 2015 Great “A to Z Blogging Challenge?”.  And all we can reply is “REALLY?”.  This will be no great surprise, except to some, when we announce our theme in two short paragraphs.  We are really looking forward to participating in the Challenge ...

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What Would You Do For $50?

The Chinese Restaurant

$50 is a lot of money to most people… it’s practically a goldmine to Mee.  Everyone has their price.  What would some people subject themselves to in order to make $50.  Or any price for that matter.  What would you subject yourself to?  For $50 there are certainly a number of things that I would do. Here’s a partial list ...

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[REVIEW] Pacificana Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

Pacificana Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

Badda bing badda boom, The Chinese Quest was in the House.  Fuggeddaboutit!  The Chinese Quest came to Brooklyn, and we left our mark.  Our mark this evening was Pacificana Restaurant in Brooklyn’s Chinatown section (8th Avenue in the Sunset Park area).  Good thing we had a trusty map because even after parking literally right in front of it, we walked right ...

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