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[REVIEW] Pine Court Chinese Bistro, Little Neck

Hitting the Superfecta in Little Neck

It takes four things to perfectly align to hit a Superfecta.  And on this Erev Christmas Eve we hit all four ALL on one block in Little Neck!  Our Quest this evening took us to Pine Court Chinese Bistro, which by the name doesn’t at all appear to be an authentic Chinese restaurant.  Such an American name.  SUCH an authentic Chinese restaurant!  If we hadn’t seen this place with our own eyes the last time we were on that block we never would have considered that Chinese restaurant to be Quest-worthy.  But, not only that, we started the night a few doors down at TJK Cafe (which by the way stands for Three Jewish Koreans!) for Happy Hour as the Mee’s gathered for their Quest.  Then dinner at Pine Court Chinese Bistro.  Having no liquor license they told us to go to the supermarket for beer.  But, there was a Wine store half way between the restaurant and TJK Cafe, so we picked up a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  Of course, after dinner we had to have our ice cream at Carvel, which just happened to be on the corner of that very same block.  Park once; Four “courses”! A Superfecta! YUM!

Pine Court Chinese Bistro Restaurant MenuPine Court Chinese Bistro is located at:

249-32 Horace Harding Expressway

Little Neck, NY 11362

Unfortunately, Mee V. Stoogas was a late scratch, as the cough he’s been harboring would cut him no slack this evening, and he feared getting the other Mee’s sick.  Feel better V. Stoogas!  You missed a grand time, a wonderful meal, and enough laughter and friendship to last us the rest of the year.  Unfortunately for you, the food was so good there were no leftovers.  So sorry!

Pine Court Chinese Bistro seems to have quite a devoted following.  We met a few people there who had dined there a few times.  And now we know why.  In fact, we trusted Charlene so much, we left the ordering completely to her.  She was there with her husband and entire family, and they couldn’t have been a nicer group.  Thank you Charlene for ordering us a spectacular and sumptuous meal!!

We started with two appetizers, Shrimp Dumplings and Pork Dumplings.  Though they didn’t come with any “special” sauce, we enjoyed them with Soy Sauce, and they were fabulous.  We ordered a third appetizer, Roast Duckling, but apparently the duck flew the coop, so we didn’t get a chance to try this dish.

Charlene ordered us five entrees:

House Specialty T-Bone Steak – This was predominantly a fried steak.   Perhaps the slightest bit overcooked.  But, when dunked in its own gravy it was out of this world!

House Specialty T-Bone Steak. .Pan Fried Lamb Rack Honey Pepper Sauce
Pan Fried Lamb Rack with Honey and Pepper Sauce – We have never, ever, ever had a sauce like this.  The lamb was like butter.  The honey and pepper sauce was OFF THE HOOK.  Perhaps one of the best dishes we have ever had.  And it didn’t taste fried!

Lobster with Ginger and Scallion – A smallish lobster that was cut in to pieces.  The ginger and scallion were oh so yummy!  More please!

Pine Court Chinese Bistro Entrees

Sauteed Chicken Szechuan Style – This was the spiciest dish that we had.  The HOT red peppers out numbered the chicken easily five to one (good odds by the way to increase the Superfecta payoff!).  The chicken was yummy.  We definitely wanted more!

Sauteed Chicken Szechuan Style. .Jumbo Shrimp Mayonnaise Walnuts Broccoli
And since we were still hungry we ordered a sixth entree, a very traditional Chinese dish, Jumbo Shrimp with Mayonnaise, Walnuts, and Broccoli.  The other Mee’s had never had a dish like this before.  It brought back memories to me.  Though I’m not a fan of mayonnaise, this dish was done just right.  I really liked the walnuts!

Though the portions tended to be on the small size, there was just enough I would say for us all to be completely sated.  And with bated breath we waited for the check.  And waited.  And waited a little bit longer.  For what we ordered, I’d say our bill was extremely reasonable.

The dessert was freshly sliced oranges.  Very nice!  No fortune cookies or ice cream for us (As we all know, the Chinese don’t do dessert well, so hence the trip to Carvel), but all in all I enjoyed this meal very much.

Our ratings:

Pine Court Chinese Bistro Rating

Humbly submitted for your consumption,

Mee Magnum  (“Chop!  Chop!”)

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5 Stars

Loved it!

Summary : Very authentic Chinese restaurant. Highly recommended!

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