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0000000I Like Cho-Sen Island a Latkes! Our latest quest took the Mees to Cho-Sen Island in Lawrence, LI. Cho-Sen Island is a kosher Chinese restaurant located at 367 Central Ave. Although it was not the “perfect” Chinese meal, this place actually was not that bad. The meal starts with the traditional fried noodles on the table, which were quite authentic ...

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Mee-t The Authors

0000000Pleased to Meet You Too We travel together. We eat together. We each contribute to the blog. Everyone had a favorite Beatle. Perhaps you have a favorite Mee (just don’t tell us, we don’t want any petty jealous breaking up the Fab Five). Now you can follow along with your favorite Mee!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3 You’ll see (how ...

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When a great athlete prepares for their big game, they just don't jump right in to it. No. They have to do a number of things. Read more!

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Dim Sum at Lake Pavilion (Flushing)

0000000Just so Bright! Fresh off our recent review of Lake Pavilion (Click here to read the review), I just so happened to be in Flushing this afternoon with my girlfriend, Mee Wen Dee, to walk the streets, check out the shops, and sniff out new restaurants to review. Of course, all the aromas make this Mee very hungry.  Being that ...

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